Meteen naar de inhoud

Jac Sandberg, Msc

Founding Partner

About Jac

Jac, trained as an Industrial Design Engineer, masters the following skills: strategy, new business, emerging technology, open innovation and flow in processes, supply chains and operational excellence. Combining conceptual strength with pragmatic realization power, he aims to develop and implement creative solutions to innovate business based on the crossfire of market need and emerging technology. His key drivers are to get the best out of people, results, circular economy, ongoing progression, team spirit and learning by doing. Matching business opportunities and technology leading into business. He always keeps focus on the customer. 

My journey to seaweed

After a sabbatical of 1.5 years in order to find the next step for my career, the seaweed industry ticked all boxes about how I want my manifestation to be: It’s green, it has a positive social and environmental impact, it is challenging in terms of technology and value chain development. It simply contributes to a more sustainable planet. Let’s grow a better tomorrow together.

Roland Vincent, Msc


About Roland

Roland has a Master’s degree in Strategic Product Development at Delft University of Technology and has extensive experience in strategic business development and value chain optimization. He is skilled in simplifying user-centered value chains in complex industries. 

My journey to seaweed

Having had the opportunity to discover many beautiful places on our planet got me passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future. The potential that seaweed offers is so powerful that as soon as I heard about the concept it got me captivated to be part of this green revolution.

Menno van den Eijnden, Msc

Senior Advisor Process Technology

About Menno

Menno is a result and quality-driven people manager. A (bio)chemical engineer who is seasoned in leading large-scale new product introductions as well as cutting edge technologies in the Life Sciences industries, from product design to turnkey production facilities. 

“Work hard and have fun”

My journey to seaweed

I like to work with lots of different people in teams to create new things together that we can all be proud of. Getting involved in the seaweed business is a no-brainer for me. It is absolutely the right thing to do with only advantages to it.

“There is always a solution for everything”