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Seaweed Scale up is a climate tech start-up in the blue economy that will farm and biorefine seaweed in Europe.

In order to maximize the economic and ecological value of seaweed we will extract products via biorefinery processes out of our seaweed. In a cascade order we will extract proteins, alginate, pharmaceutical components, biostimulants and bioplastics. 

Seaweed Scaleup aims for product leadership.


Our current land-based supply chain of our basic needs such as food, plastics and fuels is not sustainable. The forecast is a growth of the human population of 2 billion people, to 9 billion people by 2050. This will increase the pressure on our precious earth even more and might have devastating effects. This calls for a drastic change in the ways we supply ourselves in order to stop the abuse and deterioration of our earth. 

The earth’s surface exists for 71% of oceans but despite their immense potential they deliver only 2% of our food. 

We believe that part of the solution lies in the sustainable farming of macro algae in the oceans and the subsequent biorefinery into high value products. 


It is our mission to grow a better tomorrow by sustainably supplying the world of high value products from macro algae.

Current status

We are in a research phase in which we are defining our sweet spots in the seaweed value chain based on expertise and market pull/demand and in which we are defining the roadmap for the years to come.